Tech Specs


Julie's approach as an artistic photographer is to compose the image in the camera, rather than reconfigure it in the darkroom. Her photographs are "straight" prints, not manipulated, and without artificial filtration or special effects. Negatives and slides are printed full frame (uncropped). Each photograph is a faithful recreation of a particular experience or emotion.

Camera: 35 mm  Nikon F-2, F-5
               Wista 4x5 View Camera
Lenses: 20mm, 80mm, 210mm
Filters: Skylight Filter.

All photographic prints are archivally processed
according to museum standards

Color Prints: Ilfochrome
This is a positive to positive (slide to print) process. Color is highly saturated. These photographs are guaranteed to be stable and will not shift or fade over time due to the unique pure dye image created in the Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome) Process.

Black & White: Platinum Prints
100% stable, these photographs are created in a 19th Century process using large format camera, hand coated paper and exposure under a sun lamp. The images 1:1 reproductions from the negative

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Julie Masterson, All Rights Reserved

Each photograph is mounted and overmatted with 3 ply archival mountboard.